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London’s Top 10 New Beer Releases: June 2024

London’s Top 10 New Beer Releases: June 2024

As the temperatures rise and summer settles in, London's brewing scene is heating up with a spectacular lineup of new beers. We’re thrilled to unveil June’s top 10 new beer releases, highlighting the creativity and innovation of our LBA member breweries.

This month has been a real nail-biter, with Gravity Well and Hackney Church Brew Co. locked in a fierce battle for the top spot. In the final days of June, these two titans of the London beer scene exchanged places several times, each vying to capture your taste buds with their exceptional brews. Ultimately, Gravity Well edged out Hackney Church to clinch the number one spot for the second consecutive month. But make no mistake, every beer on this list is a winner in its own right.

Here’s a look at the best new releases for June 2024:

  1. Gravity Well - Inner Space Smoothie: Mango & Banana Taking the crown this month is Gravity Well with their Inner Space Smoothie: Mango & Banana. This luscious brew combines the tropical sweetness of mango and banana in perfect harmony, creating a fruit-forward experience that’s both refreshing and indulgent. After a tight race, Gravity Well managed to tip the scales in their favour, securing the top spot once again.

  2. Hackney Church Brew Co - Sprout An incredibly close second, Hackney Church Brew Co.'s Sprout well earns its position. Delighting fans of Belgian Blonde style ales, this new release is an intriguing brew that balances initial malt and candy sugar sweetness before giving way to a dry finish, perfectly balanced by the spicy yeast and herbal hop aromas make it a standout choice for those seeking something truly original.

  3. Gravity Well - Inner Space Smoothie: Chocolate Cherry Pie Gravity Well makes another appearance with their Inner Space Smoothie: Chocolate Cherry Pie. This decadent brew delivers rich chocolatey notes complemented by the tart sweetness of cherries, offering a dessert-like delight in every sip.

  4. Hackney Church Brew Co - Things Can Only Get Wetter Named with a nod to the great British weather and some potential political irony, HCBC’s Things Can Only Get Wetter is a refreshing NEIPA that promises to quench your thirst and lift your spirits.

  5. Pressure Drop - Sardines Pressure Drop joins the list with Sardines, a brew that packs a punch with its bold flavour profile. This beer is perfect for those who appreciate a robust and well-crafted pint.

  6. Hackney Church Brew Co - Yeah Nah HCBC continues to impress with their third entry this month, Yeah Nah, a New Zealand inspired Pilsner that invites you to relax and enjoy its clean and satisfyingly crisp lager base with pops of grapefruit, orange and limes. It’s a drink that captures the essence of easy-going summer afternoons.

  7. Pretty Decent - Roadkill: Peach & Passionfruit Pretty Decent’s Roadkill: Peach & Passionfruit is a fruited sour delight that brings the taste of summer to your glass. This vibrant beer is bursting with juicy peach and passionfruit, making it an ideal choice for warm weather refreshment.

  8. Gravity Well - Holographic Boundary Another inter-stellar release from Gravity Well, Holographic Boundary is a NEIPA that pushes the boundaries of flavour. Its complex profile and intriguing name invite you to explore new dimensions of taste.

  9. Howling Hops - Small Batch India Pale Ale Howling Hops delivers a Small Batch India Pale Ale that is big on flavour. This IPA is crafted with precision and passion, making it a must-try for hop enthusiasts.

  10. Howling Hops - Mountain IPA Rounding out our list is Howling Hops’ Mountain IPA. Bringing together both of the US coasts, the classic combination of Citra, Idaho 7 & Simcoe offers a perfect balance of hoppy bitterness and smooth drinkability, making it a great choice for any occasion.

Congratulations to all the breweries that made it into June’s top 10! Your dedication to the craft continues to elevate London’s beer scene. But can anyone stop Gravity Well from getting a hat-trick of consecutive number 1 spots in July?

For a full list of all 107 new beer releases this month, visit LBA New Beer Releases.

Cheers to another month of exceptional brews and to the vibrant community of London brewers!

London's Top 10 New Beer Releases - June 2024