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About Us

About the London Brewers Alliance

The London Brewers’ Alliance was formed in 2010 as a loose collective of breweries within the M25 to celebrate the resurgence of brewing in London. You can read our full history here.

Its main object is to promote excellence in all aspects of brewing within London by:

  • promoting the sale of beer brewed by its members

  • promoting its members

  • participating in any suitable event that promotes members interests

  • co-operating with any other body that is deemed to have similar aims

  • supporting the improvement of brewing skills among the membership

Membership is restricted to established commercial brewers within the M25 (plus founder members as previously agreed)

Associate Membership may be applied for by anyone brewing or intending to brew commercially within the M25 converting to Full Membership after 6 months of commercial brewing.

London Brewers Alliance

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