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Pinner, HA5 1BB (Map)

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Pinnora Brewing has earned a reputation as one of the most elusive breweries in the UK. Their beers are highly sought after due to several factors: 1. **Exclusive One-Off Beers**: Pinnora Brewing is known for producing unique, one-off beers that aren't regularly repeated, making each release a special event for craft beer enthusiasts. 2. **Short Brew Length**: The brewery's small-batch production ensures that each brew is crafted with care, but it also means that quantities are limited, increasing demand. 3. **Direct to Consumer Distribution**: Pinnora Brewing's business model focuses on selling directly to consumers, which allows them to maintain close control over their product quality and distribution. This model also helps them build a loyal customer base who are eager to purchase their beers as soon as they become available. 4. **Pre-Release Sellouts**: Most of their beers sell out during pre-release, adding to their exclusivity and making them even more desirable among beer aficionados. These factors combine to make Pinnora Brewing a coveted name in the craft beer community, with many fans eagerly anticipating each new release.

About Us:

First formed in early 2016 in Pinner, a leafy suburb in North West London. Pinnora is Pinner’s first craft brewery (and the only Brewery in the London Borough of Harrow) and takes its name from the village dating back to the early 13th century.

Pinnora is a family owned business, established by two local brothers (Gareth & Gawain) who have family connections to the area spanning 4 generations. Indeed it was their late-father who inspired and motivated the brothers to actually pursue their long held dream of establishing a craft brewery.

Inspired by working alongside a number of US brewing giants, Pinnora are specialists in East Coast style hazy tropical pale ales.

Pinnora Brewing Hazy Beer