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Nirvana Brewery Launches Into Pils with Innovative New No-Low Lager

Nirvana Brewery Launches Innovative New No-Low Pils

Nirvana Brewery is proud to announce the launch of its latest creation: Nirvana Pils. This 0.5% ABV lager marks a significant milestone as the brewery’s first canned lager and is also available in kegs, continuing their tradition of crafting exceptional no-low alcohol beers.

A Taste of Tradition with a Modern Twist

Drawing inspiration from classic German pilsners, Nirvana Pils is brewed with one of the newest yeasts designed specifically for no-low brewing. This cutting-edge yeast technology ensures a fuller, more authentic flavour profile, setting a new standard in the no-low alcohol beer category.

Described as crisp and clean, Nirvana Pils offers a light malty, bread-like flavour complemented by a hoppy bitterness. Brewed with traditional hops such as Magnum, Saaz, and Hallertau, this pilsner pours with a rich, foamy head, delivering a satisfying and refreshing experience with each sip.

Expanding Lager Choices

With Nirvana Pils, the brewery expands its repertoire of lagers, catering to diverse taste preferences and packaging formats. Becky Kean, founder and brand ambassador of Nirvana Brewery, shares the vision behind this new release:

“Lager’s not just the UK’s, but the world’s, most popular beer style, and some of its biggest brands are actually pilsners. So, it made perfect sense for us to craft our own - especially as we wanted to offer a scale of choice across the style and also in multiple formats. Given everything we’ve learnt since we set up in 2016 and the availability of this new yeast, we think we’ve crafted yet another one of the best no-alcohol lagers!”

Nirvana Pils’ slightly more bitter taste profile serves as a delightful complement to the sweeter notes found in Nirvana’s award-winning Helles lager. This strategic expansion allows Nirvana Brewery to provide beer lovers with a broader range of lager options, catering to different palates and occasions.

A Year of Innovation

2024 has been a landmark year for Nirvana Brewery with multiple new releases. In April, the brewery introduced its Cloudy Lemon Lager and Hefeweizen, both of which have been well-received. Nirvana Pils is the latest addition to their growing portfolio, underscoring their commitment to innovation and excellence in the no-low alcohol brewing scene.

Now Available

Beer enthusiasts can now enjoy Nirvana Pils in 330ml cans, priced at £2.50 each, and available in kegs at selected bars. The beer is already making waves on tap at venues like the National Theatre and is expected to be a popular choice at various other locations across London.