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Bohem Brewery Opens New Venue: The Nicholas Nickleby

Bohem Brewery Opens New Venue: The Nicholas Nickleby

Bohem Brewery have proudly opened their second venue, the Nicholas Nickleby pub in Finsbury Park, following extensive renovations. This new establishment joins their original Tap Room in Bowes Park, offering a larger space for beer enthusiasts to enjoy Bohem's authentic Czech-style brews.

A Czech Experience in the Heart of London

The Nicholas Nickleby pub is more than just a new location; it’s a celebration of Bohem Brewery's dedication to Czech brewing traditions. The pub boasts ten Lukr side-pour taps from the Czech Republic, pouring beer directly from a cold storage room, ensuring each pint is served at its optimal temperature and freshness. The installation of London’s first ‘chladici vana’ (cooler bath) for glassware further enhances the drinking experience, keeping glasses clean, wet, and cold as dictated by Czech serving customs.

A Unique Brew and a Craft Beer Spotlight

To celebrate the opening, Bohem has introduced a new exclusive beer, Nikolas, a 4.2% ABV Czech black lager named after the Czech variant of Nicholas. This special brew complements the existing range of Bohem beers, which are meticulously brewed using traditional Czech methods and ingredients.

In addition to their own beers, the Nicholas Nickleby will feature a rotating tap for craft beers from their microbrewery neighbour, Gravity Well, along with a selection of guest beers from other craft brewers.

More Than Just Beer

The Nicholas Nickleby is not only about beer. It offers a diverse range of imported Czech wines and spirits, including a notable rum from Two Drifters Distillery. The venue also serves a variety of bar foods, catering to different tastes and enhancing the overall pub experience.

Bohem Brewery's co-founder and director, Petr Scokek, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venue, stating:

“Our original Tap Room is a very popular local venue, but it’s small. Expanding has always been part of our plan. We’re thrilled to open the Nicholas Nickleby, offering Londoners a proper pub experience with a distinctive Czech twist.”

Scokek emphasized that while the new venue incorporates unique Czech elements, it remains a true London pub at heart, aiming to serve the local community and craft beer aficionados alike.

Visit the Nicholas Nickleby

The Nicholas Nickleby, located in Finsbury Park, is now open and ready to welcome guests. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor looking to explore London’s rich craft beer scene, Bohem Brewery invites you to experience their new venue, where traditional Czech brewing meets the vibrant spirit of a London pub.

For more details, visit Bohem Brewery’s website or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.