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April New Beer Releases

April New Beer Releases

We're thrilled to showcase the latest and greatest beer releases from our member breweries for the month of April. Once again, our city's breweries have outdone themselves with a diverse range of innovative and captivating brews, from bold IPAs to indulgent stouts.

Taking the top spot this month is Bianca Road with their captivating Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Vanilla, a brew that promises to tantalise the taste buds with its unique blend of robust flavours including smooth, sweet cocoa and vanilla colliding with a lingering boozy whisky finish thanks to being aged in barrels for 13 months!

Following closely behind is Hackney Church Brew Co. with their intriguingly named No Cows Here Hazy New England Style IPA their second collaboration brew with Farm Yard Brew Co.

Rounding out the top 3 places, Pressure Drop makes a notable appearance on our list with their delightful Bungalow Bliss, also a New England Style IPA and a brew that is sure to transport drinkers to a state of pure relaxation with its blissful combination of flavours.

Meanwhile, Brewdog Outpost Waterloo captures attention with their Pour’n Star Sour, inspired by the Martini based cocktail and showcasing their commitment to pushing boundaries and experimenting with bold flavours.

The Kernel continues to impress with their Pale Ale Nectaron, just one of 10 new releases from them in April and a reminder of their dedication to crafting high-quality brews that never fail to delight.

Tap East makes a splash with their Pain Relief, a hazy IPA brewed by the women of Tap East and The Rake and offering a refreshing option that is sure to provide relief from the stresses of the day.

Gravity Well Brewing makes the list again for the 7th consecutive, this time with their Solition Surprise, a Double IPA showcasing their knack for creating high quality and memorable brews that leave a lasting impression.

The Kernel makes a second appearance on this month's chart with their Small Pale Ale: Citra, Centennial, Columbus, Chinook & Simcoe a lower ABV American Pale Ale making a big impression.

Howling Hops also makes the cut with their Three Man Band, a Hazy IPA that promises to strike a chord with its harmonious blend of tropical flavours.

And last but certainly not least, Pretty Decent wows with their Name’s Not Down Not Coming In!, yet another Hazy IPA (that's 5 in this month's top 10) capturing the essence of London's vibrant beer scene with its bold and unforgettable character.

Congratulations to all the breweries who have made it onto this month's list! Your dedication to craft and innovation continues to inspire and delight beer enthusiasts across the city. Cheers to another month of outstanding brews!

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April New Beer Releases - London Brewers Alliance 2024