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Petainer Kegs are a one-way solution as they are recycled after use thanks to their lightweight PET build material. This makes them perfect for sending your product long distances at low cost. As they can be filled on steel kegs lines and come with the same fitting types, they can easily slot in to production. Petainer Kegs have been rigorously tested to protect against both environmental factors and the rigours of the supply chain, so you can trust Petainer Keg to do the work of steel, without the cost.

The Safest and Most Sustainable PET Keg
Petainer Hybrid Keg is 100% recyclable and contains reusable chimes made from 100% recycled material. Coupled with lightweight build materials, Petainer Kegs can help you reduce your carbon footprint. The Puncture Resistant Wall ensures that the keg fails safely if punctured during use. Each keg is supplied with a Pressure Relief Tool for safe disposal.

Commercial Benefits

  • “Plug and play” solution using the most common fitting types
  • Reduced need for constant reinvestment in steel keg floats
  • Start producing for less, with no large upfront capex costs for steel kegs
  • Eliminates steel keg return-logistics costs
  • Eliminates steel keg washing costs and reduces wastewater
  • Using as a seasonal peak ‘top-up’ allows a lower year-round keg float
  • No or low investment needed to run down most industrial filling lines

Top Line Growth

  • Opens up long-distance domestic or export draft markets normally prohibited by complexities with steel kegs (50% more filled kegs per pallet vs steel)
  • Detachable chimes can be reused, saving up to 40% on your next purchase.
  • Re-direct human resource from administration of steel kegs and management of keg deposits to focus on driving revenue growth