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The Brewery Sales Challenge:

  • You ARE busy!!!
  • Your “selling” time is at an absolute premium!
  • You have a passionate committed team but are concerned that your “selling” is less than effective

Classic Mistakes We Solve:

  • Lots of nice friendly conversations that just don’t translate into ACTUAL sales meetings…
  • They find themselves delivering the same chat about your brands and brewery…and ultimately get the “…can you call back next week/month/never…” response waaaay too much.
  • Your new business pipeline is laboured and after the 3rd contact with a perfect prospect they're just not interested...right??! WRONG!

Your team are making UNDERSTANDABLE but BASIC MISTAKES. 90% of your Competition are doing the same, be part of the 10% who win the business!

The Solution:

  • Our open programme "The Successful Sales Call" for breweries
  • 100% virtual, simple, HIGHLY practical sales training
  • For 1 sales person or the whole team
  • Please see the attached flyer...

Why Can We Help?:

  • After 23 years of commercial sales experience with; Whitbread, Diageo, Greene King, Michells & Butlers and Stonegate Pub Company. We fully understand the challenge and the market!
  • We absolutely know how to train the simple skills you NEED and how to help you make THE BEST POSSIBLE USE OF YOUR SELLING TIME!

More information:
(Click image to download PDF)

It's Not What You Think - Flyer